Matte Onyx & Black CZ Diamond Macrame

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Black Onyx repels negative energy and fortifies self-determination.

Onyx forms from the deposits of silica in lava. This stone can be found in Brazil, Afghanistan, Latin America, India and certain parts of the US. In Ancient Egyptian and Roman times, Onyx seals were created and worn as a protective stone during war. 

    • 8mm Matte Onyx 
    • 10mm Black Cubic Zirconia Diamond Ball
    • Wax Coated Black String 
    • Comes in a GentStone Black Box
    • Medium/Large 18-20 cm

    Size Guide
    Use a measuring tape and wrap it around the part of your wrist on which you plan on wearing your GentStone bracelet. See the chart below to determine your size.

    GentStone Men's Bracelet Women's Bracelet Wrist Size