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Mission, Vision & Values

GentStone is a jewelry brand based in Vancouver, BC. Our products are carefully handcrafted and assembled with enduring caliber for the modern man's and woman's attire. 

Our Mission:

GentStone's mission is to provide fashion forward men's and women's jewelry that offers excellence in quality. We are committed to designing innovative products that aren’t just a fashion statement, but also a work of art. In the creative process, we only select the finest precious metals and semi-precious stones that promote personal betterment. 

Inspired by costume jewelry, we construct distinct styles as we believe jewelry is a form of self-expression. We strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients with continuous improvements in quality, new product offerings and customer satisfaction. 

Our Vision:

To be the leader in creating and designing handmade jewelry that focus on self-betterment through lithotherapy and self-expression as a fashion statement.

Our Values:

We commit and act upon these values:

Client Focus: Exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional customer service.

Integrity: Craft our products with the finest materials and act upon the highest ethical standards.

Leadership: We will not just lead by example, but we will set the example for ourselves and the industry.

Transparency: Conduct transactions with openness and honesty.