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Mission, Vision & Values

GentStone is a lithotherapy jewelry brand based in Vancouver, BC. Our products are carefully handcrafted and assembled to compliment the healing properties of the stones with enduring caliber for the modern man's and woman's attire. 

Our Mission:

GentStone's mission is to empower positive thinking in order to change people's outlook on life, attitude towards themselves and lead a healthier lifestyle while providing fashion forward men's and women's jewelry that offers excellence in quality. We are committed to designing innovative products that aren’t just a fashion statement, but also a work of art. In the creative process, we only select the finest precious metals and semi-precious stones that promote personal betterment. 

Inspired by costume jewelry, we construct distinct styles as we believe jewelry is a form of self-expression. We strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients with continuous improvements in quality, new product offerings and customer satisfaction. 

Our Vision:

To be the leader in creating and designing handmade jewelry that focus on self-betterment through lithotherapy and self-expression as a fashion statement.

Our Values:

We commit and act upon these values:

Client Focus: Exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional customer service.

Integrity: Craft our products with the finest materials and act upon the highest ethical standards.

Leadership: We will not just lead by example, but we will set the example for ourselves and the industry.

Transparency: Conduct transactions with openness and honesty.