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Brown Agate & Lava Stone Charm

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Aromatherapy Stone - Infuse essential oil into the Lava Stone for one hour before wearing.

Agate is known as the stone of strength which brings courage and emotional balance.

Lava Stone brings balance to scattered energy and symbolizes rebirth.

Agate is a known as a banded chalcedony quartz. It was first discovered in the Achates River in Sicily, Italy by a Greek philosopher Theophrastus between the 3rd and 4th centuries (BC). Agate was used to create amulets and ornaments for medicinal purposes with Neolithic Europe, Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. 

Lava Stones are the result of solidified molten lava from the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. Bubbles form as the lava hardens creating its texture. Italians utilized Lava Stones as part of their architecture and wore it as jewelry using the volcanic remains of Vesuvius. 

    • 8mm Brown Agate Stone
    • 8mm Lava Stone
    • .925 Sterling Silver Spacers
    • X-Small to X-Large
    • Strung on Stretch Cord

    Size Guide
    Use a measuring tape and wrap it around the part of your wrist on which you plan on wearing your GentStone bracelet. See the chart below to determine your size.

    GentStone Men's Bracelet Women's Bracelet Wrist Size